Tuesday, 31 December 2013

I said yes

I was not comfortable sitting beside him in my room , I shifted little aside. He was wearing formals with black shoes, It felt like he started preparing for this day weeks ago. Instead of concentrating on his looks I shifted my gaze on my SECRET diary, on which I wrote every point which should be possessed by my Mr. Right.
Five minutes passed by neither of us started the conversation, I never reacted in this way with any stranger. 
to break the silence I said, "Would you like some more tea?". He nodded 

Thursday, 26 December 2013


What is there
behind the wall of sleep
that take away my fears
fear of alone and despised
fear of being hurt by unknown eyes

a fraction of second
drift me in that world
unknown to me

I'm alone there
trying to catch
what I don't have here

Monday, 23 December 2013

Great get together with BFF

"Run, Run!!", I shouted out aloud.
We, three were running frantically but suddenly we felt like someone was following us. Minty pulled me in the room adjacent to our hostel.
I was totally blacked out, only words which echoed in my head "You are suspended.... you are suspended". But suddenly those words were overpowered by, "Shikha .... get up"
"Shikha!! get up"
Still confused, I took the blanket off my face and saw the time from the clock hanging for like ages in my room. "What mum!!! It's just 10:30 am and you are shouting like hell", I never stopped complaining about everything from getting up in the morning till the day's end.
"Your friends will be here any minute..... So get up and take a shower", my mum like every other mother wants her daughter to look perfect in front of every human beings ever existed on Earth.
“Shikha…. either hurry up or I’ll call your dad”, Mum frightened me

Sunday, 22 December 2013

#Haiku 1

My first attempt in Haiku :) so would love to hear what title comes in your mind after reading this
So comment below what ever comes in your mind :)

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Can I manage in morning?

"Di, Will you tell me where you have kept my tie", I asked my elder sister in a hurry while getting ready for college.
"God!!! where I kept it......... I think I should check my bag", I couldn't waste even a minute more, or else that watch man of our college will not let me in.

"Di ...... Have you seen my tie? ", I shouted to make sure she hear it.
"Just next to your computer", My di replied from down stairs.
"Have you seen my socks?", I was too annoyed now because I hate when I can't find my things where I kept it the day before [ Actually where I threw the day before :) ]

Friday, 20 December 2013

His superman again

Some day may be
My son will stand beside me
The way he used to be

May be he will hold my hand
and walk in the same pace
he will ignore my chit chat
and will consider me the super man

My looks will no longer matter to him
and I'll see my reflection in him
He will hug me hard 
and wait till I push him back 
with the cozy smile


You made it all easy
To hang out with friends
or run away from street lovers

To tease the dumb heads
or enjoy my day at fullest

To kick away the boredom
or kiss the new heights

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Random thoughts

Picking apart memories, 
I look for something beautiful.
Painting the skies behind my eyes 
with paper-thin realities. 
I could curl up into a ball of regression. 
I could lay still in time with my blinders on, 
living a fantasy. 
But is that really me?