Saturday, 21 December 2013

Can I manage in morning?

"Di, Will you tell me where you have kept my tie", I asked my elder sister in a hurry while getting ready for college.
"God!!! where I kept it......... I think I should check my bag", I couldn't waste even a minute more, or else that watch man of our college will not let me in.

"Di ...... Have you seen my tie? ", I shouted to make sure she hear it.
"Just next to your computer", My di replied from down stairs.
"Have you seen my socks?", I was too annoyed now because I hate when I can't find my things where I kept it the day before [ Actually where I threw the day before :) ]

I checked every place in my room (down the bed, under the table, in cupboard, every where)

"di... will you tell me or I should go bare feet to my college", I asked again as I knew she is the only one who can misplace my things from there thrown places.
"Take the new pair from the cupboard", I heard my sister's voice again.
"At last I'm ready", I smiled to my reflection in mirror.
I checked my bag if everything was in it.

"Di.... I kept my badge in bag have you taken it", I was bet sure no one else can answer to my queries except my sister
"It was never there you kept it on dining table ........... can't you remember your things", Her voice sounded like she got irritated 
I packed my bag and came down stairs.

"Now where I have kept my Activa keys....", I was scratching my head thinking may be activa keys will reply in response that I'm here...hehehe
But instead my Sister came in common hall shouting, "I have my exam tomorrow and for an hour you have been shouting like hell ....... So will you stop it "

"I didn't disturb you", I said making a innocent face
"What?? After all this shouting ...", I couldn't believe she was seriously angry on me :) :P
"Okay... I will not disturb you now", I smiled so that she doesn't end up giving me lecture for an hour
Now, I was left alone to find my Activa keys :( 

After 2 minutes of endless searching I disturbed my sister again
"Di please will you tell me where you have kept my Activa keys", I asked for the last time
My cell phone vibrated I thought may be my friend Aanchal messaged me but instead got a message from my sister, "Do not disturb"

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