Thursday, 28 March 2013

Vanish Girl

                          Day with drastic start -  I        

"This all started because of me. I should have never tried to discover what I inherited from my parents" Kiran spoke all this to the guilt which arose within her" Now for whole life I would curse the day when I got involved in all this" . She arose from the floor and giving support to her own body which got weak from the disaster which came without a call and sat on the chair next to the window facing her dad. 

She was in her own thoughts when door opened and a nurse entered the room with a tray containing medicines and a notebook in which nurse wrote all things which she observed in a patient. Kiran was silently watching nurse observing her dad. Unknowingly Kiran noticed nurse, who was in her twenties and was wearing little makeup to enhance her looks as she wasn't eye capturing. When nurse was done with patient's diagnosis she looked towards the girl with a little smile on her face and said to her " Don't be upset everything will be alright" before girl would have replied anything nurse continued " Is he your dad? " . With a nod Kiran approved. Instead of asking any other things nurse placed a slip on the side table of the bed and with tray she moved towards the door.

Watching her going out of the room ,with a tear rolling down her cheeks Kiran asked "W..When my father will be alright? " . Looking back at her nurse replied "Don't know may be it will take a day or may be a month or it can even take a year or two............. no guarantee when your father will be alright " . "Hmmmm..." Kiran was unable to control her tears. In this terrific situation she realized that how much she loved her dad. Leaving behind a sobbing girl nurse moved out of the room.

Kiran hadn't noticed that the nurse left, so she asked again" Pleassse........ tell me the exact... time ? " when she got no response for her question. She looked up ,as there was no one except her dad she sighed and said to her dad "Don't worry dad nothing would happen to you....... I'm and i'll be there for you always".In response she can only hear the breeze flowing outside in this cool winter morning. Supporting her chin on the palms of her hands she watched her dad sleeping .She was tired as she hadn't slept for three days which proved to be longest days of her life .
                                                                            To be Continued........

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