Saturday, 13 July 2013


Normally when we talk about cartoons then usually images of international cartoons dominate our mind. As our childhood carries memories of these characters.

 These cartoon characters are older then us but there memories are still young with us. By way of example, Mickey Mouse was born in 1928; Popeye in 1933, Bugs Bunny in 1938, Tom and Jerry - still going strong - first appeared in 1940. Even Doraemon, a relative newcomer, is 40 years old. There audience is developing each day and there fans give them a huge hit. So great is the history behind these international cartoons that local successes are few. The cost of creation is high, the success rate is low, and it takes a long time for a character to come into its own.

In this era a nine-year-old Indian village boy has knocked the stuffing out of rival dog, cat and mice characters to reach the top. In doing that, Chhota Bheem has turned the channel rankings. When the little fellow first appeared on Pogo in 2008, the channel was barely limping along. In week 18 of 2013 (April 28-May 4), Pogo registered 183 GRPs (4-14, all C&S homes), the highest ratings for a kids' channel since 2006. A big reason: the birthday celebrations of Bheem in different cities and its online telecast.


CHOTA BHEEM, is provisional cartoon character of India who has reserved great place in the heart of Indian children.  It was created by Rajiv Chilaka the CEO of Green Gold Animation and is broadcast on Pogo TV.The extreme strong Bheem lives in a fictional town called Dholakpur set in rural India. The series revolves around Bheem, a nine-year-old boy, who is brave, strong and intelligent. Bheem's rival is Kalia Pahelwan, a jealous ten -year-old bully, who is envious of Bheem's popularity. Kalia, along with his sidekicks Dholu and Bholu, always plots to embarrass and defeat Bheem but never succeeds. The story revolves around Bheem and his friends and their rivalry with Kalia and his friends. All the children of Dholakpur look up to Bheem, as he solves everyone's problems. He also defeated some enemies in and around Dholakpur like the evil demon Kirmada, Kichak & Mangal Singh. The Raja Indravarma and his daughter Indumati trust Bheem more than any one else for a major task.




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