Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Why I'm lazy?

To be honest I don't like watching sports competitions and I don't have a favorite kind of sport and favorite players. May be because I haven't tried watching it frequently. May be because I already spend to much time surfing the net and I don't want another reason to stay glued to the screen. 
I'm active, At least deep in my heart :D Frankly speaking, there's a bad tendency in my life - I spend more and more time sitting and less and less doing active things. I walk little, my work is all about computer, my studies are about books and again sitting at the desk.

I have potential. I'm fit. I like lots of things: basket ball, hand ball, table tennis, swimming :) And I can say I'm quite good at any sport I try! And I'd love to try lots of other things like tennis, mountain skiing, snowboarding, parachute jumping and so on and so forth.
But you know, most of these activities are done in teams, in pairs, whatever but not alone. The thing is my friends are couch potatoes. Sometimes they go to play basket ball with me - that's the most that I can get from them. Sometimes we go to the cinema, sometimes we go to the 'sahastradhara' and when it's warm outside we walk. Not much, huh?
So I'm sitting here in front of this damned monitor after watching a nice film about a girl-snowboarder and think how unhappy I am. I have lots of wishes and no opportunity to make them come true. Most of the sports are connected with money. You need to buy the equipment, you need to get to the place (for skiing for example), you need to pay the entrance fee, you need so much! And I'm a student. So i need someone's company and I need someone's money to keep being active :D Kidding.
I wish sometime in the future when I have a stable good-paid job I'll still want to do all these things and I'll try all I want!

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