Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Garden of EDEN

Inhaling the air, trying to breathe in every delectable aroma with it. Every day, passing through that same lane arose an eagerness to know, "What was it?"; that scent so sweet and pleasant. I cannot explain the longing, the essence, the harmony, the strength, and the insensate that made me suck in, more of it.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Borosil Platter with Ambrosial display

My thoughts turned to ambrosial display,
Its artful glance took my heart away;
Appealing Aroma can easily convey,
Whether I could stop or walk away.

If I could bite, swallow or touch,
I wouldn't stay away even an inch.

books and e-books

You helped my mother
become a better parent
you helped me learn
my first alphabet
You helped me write
my first poem
you helped me understand
the world around me

you made collection of words
make sense
you made chemistry reactions
so easy
you made English chapters
so interesting
you made history
go live