Sunday, 6 July 2014

books and e-books

You helped my mother
become a better parent
you helped me learn
my first alphabet
You helped me write
my first poem
you helped me understand
the world around me

you made collection of words
make sense
you made chemistry reactions
so easy
you made English chapters
so interesting
you made history
go live

you took me to hills someday
or climbing trees another day
you showered blessings on me
to touch the sky of success
you drifted me off
in my world of imagination
you built my empire
in my dreams
It was you
who helped me
enhance better part of me
I took you as a friend
instead of; just a bunch of pages

Now I know you will help me
become a better parent
and your journey to make
my daughter a better person
starts now

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As, I am still in college, So I know how it feels like reading novels in front of your friends. They'll start taunting you or passing comments like I'm a "book worm", "nerd", "geek" etc etc. And sometimes even comments like "Itna padhkar top krna hai kya? ", "Itna pdhegi toh kisi din khud teacher bn jayegi" :P. 
I know this trend of reading books is gradually decreasing but how can we ignore our text books. I know most of the people don't like reading it but after all they are still the part of books :D. As, I have explained earlier in my poem from our first letter to last sentence its all books taught us. But now even 9th or 10th graders are exposed to net more than books. As they find it really relevant to learn things from because you can get on one click thousands of e-books and many writers across the globe . It's all about knowledge I guess either it’s in books or on web, does it matter??? I don't think so. I'm not criticizing other people who still read books but I seriously want to encourage such people too who want to grasp knowledge than where ever it is. I still remember that day when my dad bought me my first story book when I was in 2nd standard. I finished it in month because I was too small to read it quickly and understand the value of book in that age. I used to keep that book tucked under my pillow while sleeping or hide it somewhere in my almirah. The trend of hiding continued till my 12th class as nobody permits me to read novels. So, I used to hide it among my other text books so that nobody finds it out. So, overall it does depend on our likings too. Many people love listening music, many love to play, some love collecting old coins but few people like me still love reading stories.
So, in the end only one thing I would like to share,.........
   It's not about books it is about the knowledge they carry. And trend of reading changed but still they will stay with us forever after; in form of our text books, novels or in form of e-books 

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