Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Garden of EDEN

Inhaling the air, trying to breathe in every delectable aroma with it. Every day, passing through that same lane arose an eagerness to know, "What was it?"; that scent so sweet and pleasant. I cannot explain the longing, the essence, the harmony, the strength, and the insensate that made me suck in, more of it.

There was an indistinguishable signature, I cannot explain it nor claim it, but I call it "FRAGRANCE". It made me sometimes stand there for four-five minutes on my way home. It calmly soothes my unrest, paints my soul-a flare and dances within my senses softly, awakening fire inside-so heavenly. I was tempted to go in, to know what that place looked like, that emanated such ambrosial fragrance. I imagined it as a heaven without glasses to look in, with a “Garden of Eden”.
 The outer walls were bigger in size so neither I could trespass nor I could peak in a little.

Then, on a bright, sunny day, I decided that I would ring the bell and ask the owner-"Where that fragrance came from?” So there I was, watching that beautiful garden with roses, tulips and many more flowers singing in there. It looked the perfect garden. So, I asked the uncle to sit in there if they don't mind. The silent trees became my fiends of life. I sat in there for half an hour, breathing in every fragrance of buds that were lazily hanging there on trees, flowers who were pleasantly smiling, birds who were ready to sing next melody for me and trees ready to sleep again before I could speak.I started coming there each day. Sometimes I brought a book or a novel along with me. With each passing day my longing for that fragrance was touching the heights. My bond with that Garden was getting stronger and deeper. 

Then one day season of despair came. Leaves started withering, grass lost the green and flowers got dull. Resting on my bed each night, I couldn't rest in peace. It felt like I had departed from something big. Withered flowers and fallen leaves lying like fallen gems. How I wished for that soothing place with sweet melodies and lush heaven to stay with me forever. 

Finally after days of dismay, rain tip toed in our place again. That scent of rain touching the thirsty sand took my weeping away. I stepped outside to drink the fragrant air and I was happy that I'll meet my friends again.

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