Saturday, 10 January 2015

You made me STRONG

I was flipping over my old notes of Bachelors and came across these lines, which I wrote (I don't know when), but got hold over my old memories. When I used to write but because of some reason got out of practice :D. Though I changed few words here and there .......... hope you enjoy reading this.

I thought, I stood alone by your side
just hoping you will hold my hand 
and let  me be girl of your dreams. 

but may be I was wrong all along
you never cared for me 
as the way I thought you would

It was my mistake 
to let you enter my empire of desires
Hope you will hop out of my story asap. 

I regret the fact
that you became hero of my stories
and saved me from demons.

when you already
got your first love
on your side.

I know its hard 
to get away from you
but time will heal everything.

I will get over the fact
that we are no longer together
and your space will fill up sooner.

Though I know you think
I'm not strong 
to stand alone in this big world.

But all the way long
you made me strong.

P.S. - His first love is his work not any other girl :) :)


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