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Signs Unpredicted

Story about a lady who survived heart attack

Me : Hey aunt how are you?
Aunt : Absolutely fine, Doc advised me to take rest
Me : And what about your pain did it reduce
Aunt : Yeah, medicines are working kiddo
I kissed on aunt’s head and left the room. There was endless contentment after silent disaster. A day before I cried 
silently in my room as I felt, my close friend I mean my aunt will leave us but god wrote something else in her fate. So my faith on almighty amplified and promised myself that I’ll pray every day

I know you must be puzzled what might have happened in her life that girl who use to wake up at 10 in morning and who rarely went to  Gurudwara even on gurupurabs is promising god such a big thing. Don’t worry even I’m dying to tell you all this:

So, this incident took place in my hometown Ludhiana. I know you must have heard this name before as my hometown Ludhiana is really famous, I never thought why; but it is famous. And talking about people of my town; they are energetic, open heart, kind nature and of course little freak for food.
When we shifted from Jammu to Ludhiana in my 9th standard I never thought, the disheartened girl who shifted to this city in Punjab would ever love this place. In Jammu I had many friends Anjali, Jagmeet, Rukaya ali, Poonam etc etc… So at the age of 15, friends meant to me more than even family.  For that reason when my family shifted here I was depressed and I had vision of Ludhiana as most polluted and populated city. But after living there for couple of weeks my description for Ludhiana changed; reason was our landlady.
She was a spellbinding woman with dynamic personality which made her stand out of the crowd. Children called her Shefali aunty. In her thirties she looked just twenty year old; her sense of humor and presence of mind always attracted small children and teenagers. Not a soul in our colony was untouched by her lively nature so praised her.

I always thought she is a super woman who could teach meaning of life to even dead. In evenings, she gave tuition to 4-5 poor children and never asked money in return. In her free time she even taught dance to some children and in our summer holidays she used to teach children crafting, dancing and even sometimes helped in completing our holiday homework.
 I still remember the time when I met her first time she hugged me tight like her own kid and said,“ Kiddo, you don’t look good without a smile”.
So I gave a fake smile and replied back rudely,” My wish whether I smile or……”. But she was not annoyed and gave a soothing smile in return.
With time I really got close to her and sometimes even helped her in household chorus which I hate doing at home. Many months went by one day I was sitting with aunt Shefali she looked depressed so I interrogated,” Is something wrong aunty?”.
“No, It’s just…….. I’m feeling little suffocated….. Feeling like can’t breathe properly “aunt Shefali replied sorely.
“I think you should go to doctor “, I said
“I don’t think so it’s not that serious. I’ll take pain killer and I’ll be ok ” and she pretended like she wasn’t ever much better then today.
I knew she wouldn’t listen instead she would devote all her time to others well being, so there is no use of forcing her to visit a doctor. Next day in evening when I met Aunt Shefali she gave me a little smile and asked,” How was your day?” .In excitement I forgot to ask her how she was doing, It was written all over her face she wasn’t good but whole day incidents couldn’t wait any more in my stomach so disclosed all incidents of the day. While I blabbered to her she just nodded so I felt she is not well today and left for my home early. For three consecutive days I was too busy that didn’t visit her place but after 3-4 days when I went to her residence, i found her resting on bed
So I inspected,” What happened Shefali aunty?”
“No just a little pain “, aunt said gloomily.
“You haven’t visited doctor till now??”, I almost yelled at her “ You didn’t….. Right!!!!”
“What happened kiddo…. I went to doc and he said just little stomach problem”, she said shifting on bed.
“I don’t think just a stomach problem would create such a effect on you”, I made a face like I didn’t believe her.
“Kiddo just a little more than that, I have stone in my kidney. So I’m suffering………. But don’t worry I’ll be alright Doc suggested me some medicines”, Shefali aunty replied with a groan.
When I came to know Shefali aunty is suffering due to stone I really felt bad, that feeling which arose within me never ever arose in past, for any person. This was due to the invisible bonding which tied me and her like mother and daughter.  
I sat there watching her resting on her bed and after an hour went back home. At home I told everyone they simply replied,”hmmm…….. koi baat nhi she will get alright”.
I didn’t eat dinner properly that day and skipped breakfast next day instead of
school went to Shefali aunt’s home to help her. My mum scolded me for taking a holiday but I ignored as Shefali aunt was prior for me.
After few days she was alright till this tragic incident happened
That night around 10:30 the door bell rang we were all having dinner in my dad’s bed room but I was done with it so when I heard door bell I rushed to open the door. I found aunt Shefali’s husband standing there so I asked in shock,” Yep uncle everything alright”.
“Yeah everything is fine it’s just your aunt is not feeling well”, Uncle replied.
“Oh God! What happened? Is something wrong.”, I asked in shock.
“Actually she’s feeling suffocated so I’m taking her out for a walk. I just came to inform you and ask for your dad’s car keys. As my car is……”, Uncle requested.
Cutting his talk in between I said,” Ok uncle I’ll get you keys and don’t give reasons it’s okay”
Around 1:30 dad’s cell rang I was awake completing my assignment so I answered, actually this was a call from uncle ( Aunt Shefali’s husband ).
Me : hey, uncle this is me Ritu
Uncle : Can I talk to your dad?
Me : Actually he is sleeping, you can tell me if it’s important I’ll convey him your message.
Uncle : Actually its urgent Ritu, So can you wake your dad?
Me : Okay wait a minute

For 2 long minutes dad spoke to uncle and then hurried to change night suit. I was frightened as I knew some where it’s about aunt Shefali. Dad instructed me to bring car keys so I rushed to fetch them and I woke mum and my elder brother. When I got downstairs to give the keys to dad he was standing beside the car and looked tensed. “dad is everything OK “, I asked calmly.
“No , actually your aunt Shefali is at hospital “, Dad answered opening the car door, so my nightmare came true.
“Can I come ……….Please dad……. Please”, I pleaded
Dad gave me a look and replied thoughtfully,” OK, but go and inform your mom before we leave “
I ran back upstairs and informed mom. When I got back in car then my dad told me whole incident.

Actually what happened was aunt was feeling suffocated at home so uncle went to do little walk with her but when she didn’t feel good they went to Dr.Grewal’s clinic near bus stand. There aunt Shefali’s ECG was checked but it was normal but still she was feeling suffocated. So nurse advised them to go to hospital instead as problem was not detected. When they got there aunt Shefali got in critical condition so she was directly admitted in ICU.

I got worried and started praying for her well being. When I saw her from the window , I felt like reaper was standing just in front of her and waiting for a signal to take her soul off to heaven. I couldn’t see her suffering so sat next to uncle. “What happened……. Because I don’t think just a stone in kidney could do this”, gloomily I asked.
Uncle was deep in thoughts, he didn’t hear me so I asked again,” What happened to aunty …..”.

“She got heart attack”, Uncle said sobbing, the words got echoed in my brain Hear attack…Heart attack…..Heart Attack….  
Trying to stop his tears he spoke again,” Actually your aunt had hole in her heart so when she drank lots of water which usually a patient is advised to drink when he has stone in kidney, It affected her heart so……. She is laying there helpless".

So over all I got it, she was getting suffocated because of her heart earlier she got pain because of her kidney. I thought why this all is happening to aunt even if she did good deeds whole her life. I don’t know when I started crying so dad left me back home. I went directly to my room ignoring my mom’s questions and started crying silently in dark. After two hours cell rang so I ran to answer it as I want to hear the news as early as possible even if it was bad but dad gave a good news that she survived and out of danger now. Endless joy arose in me and a small smile came on my face. Next day I skipped school to visit hospital with my mom and visiting her I thanked god for saving the angel.

Now, I’m living in Dehradun and I still miss my aunt Shefali but whenever I go to Ludhiana I visit her house. She is absolutely fine and she always takes care of warning signs. And never let one suffering to give rise to another because sometimes precaution of one disease gives rise to another disease.
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