Saturday, 18 May 2013

Secret revealed atlast

 “ You are born for a certain purpose, And I’m here to protect you from evil, there are many people in this world who don’t want you to exist in this world…….”,

Kiran was not habitual of this kind of behavior, Aunt Molly looked into Kiran's eyes; trying to find something in them. When Kiran found her aunt staring she gave skwiky smile to her aunt and said," Aunt..... Mum and dad is not at home", Kiran tried to hold back her tears.

But may be her aunt was in her own thoughts so she repeated, but in response her aunt just said; she know that. She got confused that her aunt lived in Banglore than too she was aware of their disappearance but her mom didn't tell her anything so she got annoyed. She was deep in her own thoughts when Aunt Molly told her, she would have arrived early but her car broke.No longer Kiran
could hold her tears so she started weeping, and poured every question on her aunt

“Are mum and dad alright?”,

“Where are they…… why didn't they tell me anything?”

“When they’ll be back?”, she asked breathlessly.Her aunt wiped off her tears and said, 

“It isn't right time kitty ““But I want to know…….. Please aunt”, Kiran insisted. 

“No, Kiran it isn't right time”, aunt Molly replied.

“Please aunt “, she pleaded.

“You are not old enough; when right time would come I’ll tell you everything, I promise”, aunt Molly kissed on her forehead.

“Please aunt……. at least tell me where are mum and dad? And when they’ll be back??”, Kiran pleaded unflappably.

“Kitty try to understand, this is for your own good”, aunt replied. 

Kiran became impatient but her aunt neither moved from her words nor answered any of her queries.After closing the door she took her luggage and went to guest room to change into night gown. Kiran sat on the sofa and drifted off to sleep.

 Around 8:30 she woke in night because of some murmuring when she went to check who was making noise she found out her aunt was talking to someone on phone, she thought may be her aunt is hiding something from her. So Kiran pricked up her ear,
but from outside the room her aunt was not audible; Kiran could only hear murmuring. 
While she was trying to listen, by mistake flower vase placed just next to the door fell and aunt Molly came out of the room to ensure that Kiran was still asleep or not. When Kiran saw her aunt coming near to the door she ran to the next room and sat on the chair so her aunt doesn't suspect her. 

After a while Kiran heard her aunt calling her name, but she sat there still. When her aunt came in that room in which Kiran was sitting, Kiran made a depressed face and ignored her.Aunt Molly asked her, “Are you still angry on me? “. In response Kiran nodded, ensuring she wasn't angry on her.

“Don’t be upset dear it is for your own good”, Aunt Molly replied.Kiran was confused that why Aunt Molly is hiding things from her. 

Tear escaped Kiran’s eyes and rolled down her cheeks. When Aunt Molly saw this; she couldn't see her niece crying so explained her everything,

“ Kiran you are special”

“I’m special……… what you mean by that?”

“ You are born for a certain purpose, And I’m here to protect you from the bad, so our little princess Kitty become…….”, suddenly Light went off  and they heard thumping on the door. After couple of minutes they heard someone shouting  outside, Aunt Molly got confused and gripped Kiran’s hand.                                                                                                    

                                                                   To be continued:

What would happen after this......... will Kiran come to know how powerful she is ??...... or it will still be a secret ........... to know this keep reading my blog..... :)


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