Saturday, 16 November 2013


To be true I'm bit of a lazy person, So avoid writing post on any other day. Sitting on my bed with hot chocolate milk and scratching my head to start with my post for next week......... then a strange but teenage most loved topic struck my head that is "BUNKING"

Actually today in my last lecture I heard some gossip that some students from first year were suspended for a week as they were caught red handed while sitting in canteen. So every student can't be lucky with bunks but yeah you can be good in it, if you keep few things clear in your mind.

So here I'll give you few tips on ART OF BUNKING

Sunday, 10 November 2013

My first liebster award

Hey sorry +Preethi couldn't show off my award as I was busy with my regular college assignments and projects :( :(

The day when Preethi shared her liebster award with me I was literally too happy that I read her post many times :P :) So Preethi thanks for sharing your award with me ....... I don't know whether I was eligible or not but it really felt amazing :)

SHE is there

I was born
she is there
cradling in her arms
I don't know her
bt she is there smiling
why she smiles
when I cry

Saturday, 9 November 2013

God take me away

Oh GOD! Let me walk
On the way meant for me
no pebble cut my feet
unless I walk on thee path
laid with roses and lilies

Oh God! let me enjoy
Life you made for me
with relations and friends
built with love and hatred
but god take me away
from the being I became
I feel jealous and give pain
I hug flattery and kiss tears
this is what you want me to be
full of pity and fear