Sunday, 10 November 2013

My first liebster award

Hey sorry +Preethi couldn't show off my award as I was busy with my regular college assignments and projects :( :(

The day when Preethi shared her liebster award with me I was literally too happy that I read her post many times :P :) So Preethi thanks for sharing your award with me ....... I don't know whether I was eligible or not but it really felt amazing :)

Before I share my award...... some Important information about liebster award
Liebster Award is given to up coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. It's appreciation from fellow bloggers and your chance to introduce yourself to other awesome bloggers

If you receive either of these awards, you are expected to:
1. Post 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer the 11 questions the tagger has given you
3. Tag 11 more Bloggers (with no more than 200 followers; no tagging back) and make 11 questions for them
4. Tell the people you tagged that you did.
But then, the choice is yours... :)

Eleven facts about ME!!!!

1. I'm native of Chandigarh, So love to visit my city when ever possible ( wo alag baat hai haven't been to Chandigarh for so long now)

2. My hobbies include : Playing basket ball, carom , lawn tennis, lil bit painting , sketching, reading (I love doing many things :P)

3. Love to eat :) but I'm a bad cook :(

4. My Friends always complain that I'm talkative :P :D

5. I love to watch movies and hang out with my college buddies

6. One of the funny things about me .... I can sleep for whole day :)
     ( so some ppl evn cl me kumbhkaran)

7. I have been to many states of India ( Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Jammu & kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Bihar and many more )

8. When I get nervous or angry on some one, I don't talk to any body 

9. I really hate it, when people call me cute or sweet ( it feels like they are fake kinda people)

10. I love to mimic my teachers (hehehe.......... :P)

11. the topic which I don't like to discuss with any one is "ME!!"


1. Why blog?
As It is the best way to write and share

2. How has blogging changed your life?
From the day I started blogging I came to know my sense of writing :D

3. Name One person who has truly inspired you, and has hence led you to change something about yourself. my sister Ekbeer really inspired me and changed my way of thinking towards life

4. If there is something you would like to change about yourself, what would that be?
My attitude towards people

5. What is your most priced possession in your room?
My bed :D

6. Do you think blogging can help anything in any way?
Yeah, blogging can help in every field possible

7. What is the one festival in India you love to celebrate and do you think we still celebrate them in the same spirit as we used to decades back?
I love to celebrate Baisakhi (my fav. festival) because that is the only festival when my big brother is at home to celebrate it with us . And No, we don't celebrate the festival with the same spirits as we used to decades ago 

8. If there is one thing you could do for your country(let's say there are no restraints and what you could do is magical), what would it be?
I would balance the ratio of Men to women 

9. 3 words that would describe you.
extrovert, anxious, joyful

10.Which is the best vacation you have had...and with whom?
My winter vacation of 9th standard still unforgettable . When I visited Mumbai and Goa with my family

11.What do you think the future has in store for you?
I don't predict future........ I love to live the present hoping God has kept best for me in future

And I would like to represent this award to

And questions that I would like to ask from the bloggers are:

  1. Why Blog?
  2. One Craziest thing you did at school?
  3. scariest dream which haunt you every day?
  4. If you get one wish that will be fulfilled by god, then what you will ask for?
  5. your favourite food?
  6. your expectation from indian government?
  7. Most important person in your life?
  8. three things,.... you can't live without?
  9. your favourite blog?
  10. do you believe in ghosts and spirits? :D
  11. do you think blogging can change anything?

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