Saturday, 16 November 2013


To be true I'm bit of a lazy person, So avoid writing post on any other day. Sitting on my bed with hot chocolate milk and scratching my head to start with my post for next week......... then a strange but teenage most loved topic struck my head that is "BUNKING"

Actually today in my last lecture I heard some gossip that some students from first year were suspended for a week as they were caught red handed while sitting in canteen. So every student can't be lucky with bunks but yeah you can be good in it, if you keep few things clear in your mind.

So here I'll give you few tips on ART OF BUNKING

Where to go???
This is the first point which should be clear in your mind when you bunk the class. So plan in advance where you'll hang around. If you plan to skip more than one class, go for a movie but if the idea is to miss just one or two classes, you can spend time at neighbouring colleges, nearby markets or even explore the famous 'lovers' point' or 'sutta lane' that your college history boasts of. :D

K2's advice : I would advice that if you are skipping more then one class then don't ever hang around in college :) as this will reduce chances of getting caught

Choose your bunking buddies carefully
You definitely don't want to spend that bonus time with someone who likes to spend every spare second discussing his/her failed love affairs and makes you count the number of small pieces their poor heart was broken into. So always bunk with those friends you have fun with. Hanging out with an always-timid friend might just work against the whole point of the bunk.

K2's advice : Avoid to bunk with so many friends if you are bunking just one lecture if you are bunking your college then mass bunk will be more fun

How to leave
If you are in a situation wherein you attend an interesting lecture and it is followed by a boring one, you need to leave from the first one as soon as the lecturer walks out. If you don't do so, chances are that you might end up bumping into the next professor whom you may not be very fond of. The khadoos teacher might hate your guts for leaving the room while he/she is present and that could even mean low internal marks. Even if you happen to run into him/her later in the day, you can always make a puppy face and say you overslept.

Which lectures to bunk
You do not want to bunk too many classes, not at the risk of repeating the year at least. It is important to pick the classes you can bunk so that you have buffer attendance. Skip the classes of teachers you just can't stand. Also bunking supplementary classes involves relatively low risk. 
k2's advice : Or either try proxy attendance :) :D

Hope next time you don't get caught :) :)
have a safe bunking :D

And If you still have any query about bunking :) you can write your query in comments below and I'll answer it
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