Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Random thoughts

Picking apart memories, 
I look for something beautiful.
Painting the skies behind my eyes 
with paper-thin realities. 
I could curl up into a ball of regression. 
I could lay still in time with my blinders on, 
living a fantasy. 
But is that really me?

I want to see it.
 I want to feel awake again.
 I'm watching my life unfold from the safety of my mind;
 Hidden deep within my skull.
 I don't experience,
 I simply witness,
 and I observe with a fragile outlook.

I watch these people around me.
 They walk the streets clouded by their own perceptions, 
missing the obvious.
 Right in front of our ignorant faces lies a beauty so intricate yet subtle. 
Laced in the very air we breath. 
We justify the confusion with languages and labels,
 but what would this place be if I couldn't put a name on everything?
We're born into influence. 
Our souls are sculpted before we even have the nerve to notice.
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