Tuesday, 31 December 2013

I said yes

I was not comfortable sitting beside him in my room , I shifted little aside. He was wearing formals with black shoes, It felt like he started preparing for this day weeks ago. Instead of concentrating on his looks I shifted my gaze on my SECRET diary, on which I wrote every point which should be possessed by my Mr. Right.
Five minutes passed by neither of us started the conversation, I never reacted in this way with any stranger. 
to break the silence I said, "Would you like some more tea?". He nodded 

"ummm...... So ...", He asked, " was it your dream to become a doctor?"
"Yeah...... I was too small when I weaved my dreams to become a doctor",  I said that looking at the wall clock which indicated 45 past 2.
"So you ever visited any hill station?", he asked sipping tea.
"No... ", I responded to his question with a smile. 
"Don't be nervous.......... if we'll not talk then how we can take a decision whether we can marry each other or not", his words were really convincing. I gave a big appreciation smile.
His clean shaved face gave a sign of cleanliness and added confidence to his personality. He asked me many questions and even I took a step ahead in conversation. His smile just added a tint of charm and his positive aura can make any human being alive. I asked him every single doubt I had in my mind for marriage. Even not for single second I took my eyes off his face. After approx 15 minutes I heard a knock on my room door so for the last time I smiled .

Now its been 15 years of our marriage and that someone became my Mr. Right. 
Earlier I used to think how can any girl decide just in one hour or few minutes that whether you can marry that guy or not but then that phrase comes in my mind....... "First impression is the last impression".If my Mr. Right would have been stumbled and with a unkempt look may be I would have said big NO  :P :D

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