Friday, 28 February 2014


Hello....... I know I should be writing the posts frequently......... but I'll not start giving you lame excuses that "Sorry ....... I'm busy now days , So can't write", or "Exams were going",........ or anything like that because I know my healthy audience is disappointed ......... Then too I would say " For you all I'm again writing". :)

This Poem written below is for my feelings which I can't express and they dealt some where with in ME. 

Every feeling
has a meaning
no matter
how hard it is to take in
still you can't stay away
words, letters, alphabets
everything seems useless
because you won't be
be able to express it

a king might be powerful

but he feels lonely
in the crowd of hundreds
unable to share
his moments of happiness

a mother might be strong

but she feels helpless
when her baby is crying

a soldier might be brave

but he feels disappointed
when he departs
from his beloved

Even  I'm lonely

while writing
but can't share it
because I'm out of words
when your eyes stares
and my breath goes away

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