Tuesday 4 March 2014

"YOU are just a burden for ME"

Accident took my legs
then too you loved me

but yesterday when you said,
" you are just a burden for me"

My soul turned upside down
I tried to run away from your allegations
but that horrified image of YOU
kept me captivated.

I never thought
sweet spoken words
will turn into thorns
heart melting eyes
will turn into despise

Every minute turned into a year
every second turned into a day
memories turned into fear
kisses turned into dismay

We swore together
in front of our family
"we will be together
for next seven lives"
never knew our marriage
will not even last for seven years.

your promises were fake
which used to make me alive
your smiles were fake
which supported me for long time

every step with you
was a mistake
every moment with you
was a living blunder

why I never took it
that way
either I loved the hell
or was loving the way
which lead me there

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