Thursday, 26 June 2014

BANG BANG!!! It's your b'dae

Googly woogly woosh!!!!
It's your first b'dae in our place
I never knew
whether we could afford you

As your shiny surface

reflected your lavish interiors
your lights emphasized
on our hearts more than on road
your eye catchy features
brought a smile on every look
your safety record
forced us to trust you
your sound system 
added dance aroma
your great mileage
added miles to our journey

You are, our immortal partner
who will always be there 
whether its night or day
you gonna accompany us
to every great occasion
you gonna make us proud
so that we flaunt you around
its you that matters
not your maintenance cost

With each passing day
there was some connection
building up
like we started crediting you
 as our family member
Each trip with you
brought a long list of photos
and memories
each long drive
was a different experience
whether it was you
who made a difference 
or it was comforts 
which you provided

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