Monday, 23 December 2013

Great get together with BFF

"Run, Run!!", I shouted out aloud.
We, three were running frantically but suddenly we felt like someone was following us. Minty pulled me in the room adjacent to our hostel.
I was totally blacked out, only words which echoed in my head "You are suspended.... you are suspended". But suddenly those words were overpowered by, "Shikha .... get up"
"Shikha!! get up"
Still confused, I took the blanket off my face and saw the time from the clock hanging for like ages in my room. "What mum!!! It's just 10:30 am and you are shouting like hell", I never stopped complaining about everything from getting up in the morning till the day's end.
"Your friends will be here any minute..... So get up and take a shower", my mum like every other mother wants her daughter to look perfect in front of every human beings ever existed on Earth.
“Shikha…. either hurry up or I’ll call your dad”, Mum frightened me

My dad came in the room. Instead of yelling at me, he tickled me and with laughter I got up. Hair all messed up, tangled.
Mum said, “I got your clothes ironed and they are on the bed, hurry up and take a shower".
“okay, Will be done in a minute”

Jeep honked, pam!!!!!! I ran to the gate.

“Here is our bandit Queen!!! “, shouted Minty and Mitalli and we giggled. 
Mitalli drove to our adda (the place where we used to hang out in vacation).
“Babu ji zra dheere chlo…..”, we jumped out of jeep singing this song. I was really happy to meet my friends after six months, it felt like ages. We three were besties since kindergarten and went through ups and downs of life together.
We sat on our favourite bench next to the counter, ordered three cup of tea, and samosas.
Mitalli couldn’t resist so said, “Do you remember the day we bunked our science lecture and came here to have tea…”.  
Minty continued,” Yeah…….. and then we fought over samosa like lunatics”
We giggled again, “I still remember Minty ran with that samosa in front of our science teacher and we were caught red handed bunking the lecture….. hahaha”
Mitalli : How can you forget that day when we broke the tube light of our class while playing with the duster :)
Minty : And accidentally that duster fell on Shikha’s head :D
Mitalli : still remember her red face shouting on us……. bla bla…… couldn’t remember even a single word..... after that I was laughing out loud.
Shikha : You were stupid or I must say you are stupid and You’ll never change that’s why I love you……..
Minty : even we love you and don’t be so senti.
Mitalli : Shut up you idiot……..
Minty : there you two go again….

There conversation ended till six in the evening but even then it felt they have lot more to share

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