Sunday, 6 July 2014

Borosil Platter with Ambrosial display

My thoughts turned to ambrosial display,
Its artful glance took my heart away;
Appealing Aroma can easily convey,
Whether I could stop or walk away.

If I could bite, swallow or touch,
I wouldn't stay away even an inch.

It was dipped, divinely drenched,
Fiery, flavorsome, french-ed,

Pleasant, pleasing, quenched, 
Soupy, spicy, sandwiched.

Aromatic, appetizing, zesty,
Delectable, decadent, tangy,

Pungent, piquant, soggy,
Overpowering, oozing and gritty.

It was properly minced and minty,
It was neither mashed nor lumpy,

It was properly infused and juicy,
It was properly glazed but not greasy.

My Mouth started watering;
and eyes started blazing
standing  there, 
watching him baking. 
Just as a usual visitor;
Who can't wait and see his
Love grooming .

It was served in a borosil platter
which added to its grace

It looked mellow and glazed
people ready to chase

This post has been exclusively written for "My Beautiful food" contest by borosil and Indiblogger. To check out more about borosil click here :)

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