Sunday, 21 July 2013

Trip to Queen of the hills

Weekends are a chance for college students to escape the colleges  monotony and boring lectures. Away from the campus even for a couple of days will give, any student a world of bliss. Hitting the open road with your friends might be just the adventurous escape you’re looking for.

With the same feeling last weekend we (four of my friends and me) thought to go for a road trip from Dehradun to Mussorie . On Friday everything was decided, which places we will visit and what all we gonna do in our small one day adventure. As we are students so even expenses of petrol were divided among four of us (kya kre zyada pocket money nhi milti hai :D )

Remember, a road trip is all about the journey, not the destination. As teenagers, it’s not possible that you’ll be riding as comfortably as you might thought, with three to four other people in an RV, so whomever is driving must make the proper automotive preparations for trip. So first thing we did was made sure that no problem should occur with our four wheeler and Sohail promised to take care of it.

After long conversation we decided, which places we will visit 

Kempty fall, Bhatta fall, Mall road, Dhnaulti, clouds end, george everst

our list got bigger and bigger. And we slept around 1 after 

adding many things in our list. 

Next morning, I got up early and packed my bag with fresh fruits(as I don't prefer outside food a lot) , camera, jacket(if it gets cold in evening). Around 10 in morning got a miss call from my friend followed by a message to confirm whether I'm all set to leave. Took some money from my mum and on my activa went to Anchal's house, as last night we decided to gather up at her place. Within few minutes of my arrival at her place we were all ready to get packed in our small road trip. 

But a small problem occurred before we could leave. Three of us got in a fight that who'll drive the car. Sohail ended our fight by declaring he'll drive his car. So atlast we hit the road and began our road trip. When we crossed Rajpur road something struck to Anchal and she shouted out... "Your car smells really good.... bought some new car freshner"

Sohail  : "Nahh jst ambi pur's effect"

Anchal : It must be really expensive
Sohail  : It lasts for really long so its pretty reasonable 
Anchal : It removes bad odor... Right??
Sohail  : Nope... it neutralizes the bad odor in the car. It's            fragrance is  really very pleasant. And I don't feel tired  in my car now :) It just doesn't absorb the odor but kills it. My car smells like it's filled with flowers. Everybody gets amazed by the pleasant smell and I think you are amazed too :D
Anchal : Yeah, It seriously did..... As my dad wash his car every Sunday to get over unpleasing fragrance
Sohail : Why don't you suggest ambi pur car perfume to your
dad. As it is effective and very refreshing product and makes your room or car a better place to breath in
Anchal : Room!! Have they got room fresheners too?
Sohail : Earlier, they just had room fresheners . But variety of product increased and now they have car fresheners too in Indian market
Anchal : Nah.... I don't think Indian market will support there product
Sohail : Why not? I think as the quality is good and price is reasonable and it lasts for around 50 days then it just cost 2 rupees per day. So, don't you think there upcoming products with this concept will really prove a hit.
Anchal : hmmm.... but what about variety of fragrances.
Sohail : They provide that too. They have got lavender, Aqua, Vanilla bouquet, pacific air......
Anchal : And in room fresheners?
Sohail : Effective linen and sky, citrus and zest, meadows and rain.....
As they were discussing Ambi pur , me and Sidharth couldn't stop our laugh back 
Anchal : what?? Why you are giggling?
Me : Nothing
Sidharth : yeah...... It's just that ; I felt you were interviewing sohail. :D
Me : Yep.... I thought that too...hehe
Anchal : Oh no!! Its just that I couldn't hold my queries back, as you three were busy in sight seeing and enjoying this pleasant smell but I couldn't get over it
Me : Yo!! I agree. This Fragrance really uplift your mood
don't you agree with this Shardul?
Shardul : Actually we have ambi pur room freshners at home so i'm really acquainted with this kinda pleasant smell.

As this conversation was on his way we reached famous Maggie point of Mussorie . Everbody got off the car and Sidharth went to fetch cold drink for us. 

Anchal : You really believe it gets your car get freshen up really fast ?
Sohail : yeah..... Instantly

Me : Nah..... I don't believe it
Shardul : It really does
Sohail : Yeah really fast
Me : Do you have any proof?
Sidharth got back with two and a half liter dew cold drink bottle.
Sidharth : You are still discussing Ambi pur
Me : Sid, What you think? Is this product too quick..... like rajdhani express?? hehe
Sidharth : don't know
Me : I have two votes on my side... :)
Sohail : I can prove it
Me : How?
Sohail : Leave that to me
Me : Aj hi prove krna hai( you have to prove this today)
Sohail : Yeah for sure and if i'll prove it then u'll take us to dominoes next weekend
Me : okk.... i'll. But proof should be genuine 
After that we had awesome Maggie at Maggie point then got in car again to our next destination i.e George Everest and clouds end. We clicked many pictures spent awesome time together inhaled fresh air of mussorie, Saw many eye soothing sights, had a great time with my friends.
collage of Mussorie  and Dhnaulti's Pictures

When we reached Dhnaulti it was around 5 p.m. I got my jacket out of my bag as it was chilling weather there. Sohail parked the four wheeler near a small dhaba. We got off the car , 3 hours drive to Dhnaulti was atlast finished. Me and Anchal went to get fresh and boys went to order food. When we got back sohail and Shardul were not there and when I asked Sidharth replied, gone to fill car's fuel.

After momos we saw Sohail coming in. 
Me : Where have you been?
Anchal : It took you really long

Me : And where is Shardul?
Sohail : Planned something for you
Me : Plan??
Sohail : A little surprise, come lets go.
I don't know about others but I was really confused. But as Sohail insisted we got in the car.
Me : Where is the gift?
Sohail : Gift was real big so can't get it here :D. And Anchal have you got scarf or something like that so we can blindfold her
Me : What is the need of that..... :(
There was no use of saying anything as me and my friends love playing tricks. But I hate it when they play tricks on me.
After 5 minutes I heard car halt. Then heard sound of car doors opening and closing twice or thrice , even whispering could be heard, couldn't see anything as I was blind folded. Then i got a smell of fish which I really hate as it makes me feel sick.
Me : Anchal.... Sohail....... hey guys are you there?
Anchal : Yeah, Just waiting for Shardul, went to fetch your gift
Me : How long it'll take?
Anchal : Around five minutes

Me : Please make it quick.....As I can't wait anymore.
Anchal : yeah, sure
Me : And from where the hell this disgusting fish smell coming from?
Anchal : must be coming from fish store few steps ahead..... lemme close the door for you.
Me : Yeah thanks..... and be quick.
Then heard the sound of car door closing. Within few minutes smell of raw fish faded away and only fresh pleasant fragrance could be inhaled. I waited, waited and waited for around 5 to 8 minutes and couldn't take it for any more.
Me : Will anybody tell me what's happening there?
When I got no reply , I unfolded the blind in irritation.
I shouted out"Owww!!.....what the hell is this thing doing in here". And almost got freaked out when I saw raw fish placed in the seat just next to me. And my friends were laughing looking at my expressions. As everybody knew I couldn't stand the smell of raw dead fish. 
Anchal : surprise!! 
Sohail : So what you think ......... How is the gift?
Me : you two shut up....And why you have placed fish in here
Sohail : Its your surprise gift
Me : FISH!! that's my gift. Are you crazy? Who gifts fish? and that too around 15 or 20
Anchal : You haven't got it ...Right??
Sohail : We did this to make you realize how effective ambi pur car perfume is.
Every piece of incident started fitting place, I came to know the reason of prank I gave a killer look to Anchal and Sohail. Although I knew Sohail won the bet and next weekend i'll be bankrupted( just kidding) than too I joined in there laugh.
The trip went awesome but this little prank i'll not forget ever. We visited many places and clicked many pictures. It went awesome and for two - three following days this trip was hot topic of our gossip. Uploaded many pictures on facebook and and my next day's status on facebook was 

part of the road trip visit here : Ambi pur facebook page

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