Thursday, 17 October 2013

Magical moment with platinum ring

"Your touch, your presence, your looks, your smile
all made sense when I fell for you"
these words echoed in my ears
 when he came close
 he looked in my heart through my eyes.
magical moment , I floated on cloud 9
 my feet couldn't bear my weight any more

While preserving that heart felt moment
 suddenly I felt something in my finger.
couldn't believe he bought platinum ring
now everything made sense
Why he was saving in his taxi charges
walked all way to office just to save
And made this day complete

Even after 11 years of marriage
I still felt save desire for him
his touch still felt the same
his voice still made my day
He still care the same way

I tried to get the ring off my finger
but it felt like
It was stuck there
Those divorce papers were shouting out loud
"NO don't melt down again"

He was holding me tight
all those moments when he cursed me
faded away
he kissed me on cheeks
and whispered in my ear
"I'm sorry that I couldn't keep my promise
and I made you cry
I promise I'll keep you as princess
so never leave me alone "

I wouldn't have felt my presence 
so important in his life 
without that shiny platinum ring
which made me his forever again
I fell for him again
loved the same person again
felt his desire again
felt incomplete without him again
I was his again

This day became my Platinum day of love
as it marked realisation of my true love that is everlasting
like this white platinum ring
which gonna stay with me life long 
symbolizing the love we share

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