Sunday, 27 March 2016


Is somebody still alive?
Should I go to the next room and check it?
What if that is not a person and some wild animal?
What if the owner of the house is still alive and doesn't want me here?
What if there is a psycho in the next room and he attacks me?

Lot of questions rushed to my head, there was no other person to supervise me in anything. I talked to myself whenever any advice was required. I still miss those days when my sister used to cuddle with me whenever I was scared of imaginary ghosts in my cupboard or under my bed. Or whenever it used to rain at night and a storm was there. Whenever somebody used to bully me in class or when some girl used to boss around in the group. She was my super hero as whenever I needed help she used to be there. She taught me how to tie laces, even helped me get through girl issues. Image of her just standing next to me projected in my head. It helped me get through hard times and fights against every difficulty. Firming my grip on the ladle, I took two steps toward the next room. I started planning my moves when I entered  the next room.

What if some burglar was there?
What if some ghost was there?
What if a spirit was there, just waiting to kill me?
What if some vampire was there, waiting to suck my blood?
What if some alien came down on earth and started living here?

But right then I'd have been happy to meet even vampire as it had been more than a year since I had seen any living thing except few animals or birds. After thinking all that I got little relaxed and tiptoed towards the room. When I peeped in I couldn't hold my laughter back, instead of a ghost, vampire, zombie or alien, that noise was because of the window. There was a little bit of cold breeze outside, so I started talking to myself again. This time not in my head. "It would have been awesome if somebody was actually here.  Then we could have searched together for people", banging on the window taking a deep breath. "Bad luck again. I guess I should move on with the things that may help me".

I gave last look to the window and then started looking for something which may help me. I usually carried a bag along with me which I got from one of the house few months back. I checked the cupboards in all the rooms and collected some useful things which may help me. By luck I found few seed packets of vegetables. May be the people who used to live here must had been fond of gardening or collecting seeds. There was a small mirror in one of the drawers in the room just next to the storage room.
When I looked at the mirror I got little disheartened as I have lost so much weight and I resembled more like a beggar who hadn't ate for days. I looked out of window just to check the direction of sun which helped me guess the time. I packed my bag and wore my boots.
This house looked safe but I couldn't stay at a place for long. I have to keep searching as I thought one day I'll find somebody who must be struggling like me to survive. It got really hard for me now as I started feeling like I'll get mad if I won't find somebody. Near the coast I had already found one house where I usually go back after walking for days then rest for next two-three days, then start travelling in some other direction again. Whenever I found some house I normally mark it with charcoal so that I don't travel in same direction again.
Before I leave the place I wrote on the wall:
                        " If somebody found this place then there is one girl still alive,
                          and I need your help. So please walk to the north direction
                          towards the coast."

I found few novels in this house that would help to kill my time, few cells, little cooking oil, one small mirror, two over-sized shirts, one stinky ball, few packets of seeds and few more things. I pondered whether I should move further in this direction or go back and see if somebody came to my rescue and was waiting for me. I guess like all other families after red alert, even they moved out of this city -- may be in search of some safe place. There was a possibility they survived the tragedy or even got their names written in the history.
Then I started walking once again in search of mankind.

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