Thursday, 7 April 2016

In a hope

I want to run away from my problems
In a hope, they will stop running after me
I stay awake whole night
In a hope, next day will be best ever
I stop my tears
In a hope, dad will be proud of me one day

I stand on my toes
In a hope, I will get inch longer than my sister
I eat less
In a hope, I will fit my year old lovely dress which you bought me on my b'dae
I don't go to movies
In a hope, I will save every rupee of dad's salary
I skip hanging out with friends
In a hope, I will help my mom in kitchen

I want to run away from problems
In a hope, they will stop chasing me
I talk to you over phone for hours
In a hope, I will share little part of your stress
I share everything with her
In a hope, I will get the favor back from my sister
I pass on the tv remote to him
In a hope, my brother won't irritate me when I'm studying
I study late nights
In a hope, I'll solve every problem in exams

I want to run away from problems
In a hope, may be they will stop coming after me
I walk fast,
In a hope, I'll walk with your pace
I sleep with lights on
In a hope, No monster will hide under my bed
I trust super heroes
In a hope, I believe in positivity whole my life
I watch news
In a hope, dad will talk about what is bugging him for so long

I wish I could run away from problems
In a hope, they will vanish away somewhere someday
I hold your hand tight
In a hope, You won't walk away
I smile
In a hope, I'll cover my uneasiness
I know my piece of writing is incomplete
In a hope, I'll start facing my problems again instead of writing it.

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