Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Sipping coffee and trying to finish my last chapter, I looked around thinking she must have dozed off. But I guess she is more alert and ready to fight the world with me.

In kitchen, I sneaked in around 1'o clock at night. Thinking there must be some left over that I can eat, instead there is fresh food with the slip on the lid "If you are hungry, just heat it in oven".

My drawing is not that great, I hope she likes the card I drew for her. "That is most valuable gift I ever got" were her words.

"Will you be able to manage..... alone?",  she said when I was leaving to join college. I did manage really well, but no one is here to hear my endless stories.

Cooking is the last thing I ever admire, but the way and the passion she cooks. Makes me think without learning cooking, I may end her legacy.

What I want to be?, is the question I always dodged but what ever answer I came up with she will just smile and say, "I know, you will become that one day for sure."

She doesn't get judgmental even when I do blunders. Just she will sit and talk about the way we can handle the consequences.

Her presence makes everything positive and simple. Every exam and obstacle I have been through she was there looking out for me.

Sometimes I wonder is it just her or some super power god gave her. Or may be someday she will show me the wand that she carries that makes everything alright.

Living alone in a new city makes me independent women but living without her makes me get into that shell sometimes again.

The things I just think about she will do it. And that satisfactory smile and hug is the aid to every worry.

She is the reason I am in this world and she will go to any extent to make my existence perfect.

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