Sunday, 7 May 2017


Pushing yourself away from the cold wind sometimes you shield under the harsh leaves, they are cozy and warm. Makes you feel complete again. You just hold your breath to avoid the smell of danger that will come along.

You just lay there thinking what can be the worst consequences that can come along. You have walked the long way, your shoes are torn and clothes are ripped off. You have no power to think and come up with some new alternate solution. Laying there under the leaves you just pray to wake up not being a prey of any other creature. Closing your eyes for long is hard, you are tired that you can hibernate for months but your eyes are afraid if you lay there forever and never wake up again. Your thoughts are numb, you just try thinking of something that can make your life meaningful again. But your mind betrays you and even in your dreams, you are running again. Recurring dream comes again, same old fear visits you again. All your energy is wasted to escape that one danger that grows in shape of grim figure. You can't recollect why it is following, the trace of your footsteps. It is one step behind your trail, but will easily catch up and then you are just dust in wide land of sand. 
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