Friday, 21 July 2017

Stopped Caring anymore

Image result for girl walking away

You wanted to walk along with me
but my steps have turned into jumps,
they are higher and longer,
Pace will be faster and lighter,
Words will be lesser and complicated

Time hasn't changed us,
but my circumstances did,
I am not having a hard time,
but I have changed the way I spend my time,
Time is precious and won't come again,
Don't waste it to make me understand.

Yes, I used to love flowers,
there are so many other things I used to love as well,
but now it's all different,
life has took over and my heart is last thing I go for advice,
I don't want anyone to understand this,
as it doesn't matter.

Just look at the sky or way ahead,
you will find more wishes coming your way,
than looking back.

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