Monday, 24 June 2013

Crazy Nightmare

 Writing can be done at any time. Writing clears my mind and brings a sense of accomplishment.  One can write anything that their heart desires. So here I sit writing at midnight about something that happened which was rather alarming for a short time.

At midnight, I started to feel drowsy. I laid down on the cot by my computer to rest a bit.

Suddenly, odd things started to happen with the computer.  My facebook screen was flipping. Then something even more unusual took place. Up popped

different kinds of screens. One had my favorite movie on it.  Another pop up stated I had just won a ticket to cricket match. A cartoon character appeared on the screen dancing around. The speakers came on very loud.  Heavy metal rock music started to blast through them.  My CPU
started shouting. Then it began banging.  After all this confusion, face book totally bit the dust. None of the problems on the screen had any 'X' [close] buttons.   I just used my mouse and started clicking. The more I clicked, the more the computer went wild. There were dogs playing on one side of my screen. Then I received an email demanding that I publish a story. Another pop up had a picture of a big hairy thing sticking its tongue out at me. Having had enough of this nonsense, I tried to shut the computer down, but failed. “Oh my, I must have been hit by Trojan horses and hacked.”I thought to myself.  I grabbed for the computer plug and disconnected it. The heavy medal continued to play. All the nutty stuff continued to invade my computer screen.

Suddenly I awakened, by my elder sister. My body was drenched in sweat. The cover from the cot was on the floor. I glanced at the clock which said 12 midnight. I looked over at my computer which was turned off. 
I thought to myself " I had fallen asleep and had a  NIGHTMARE! "
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