Friday, 7 June 2013

My best prank ever

I usually hate playing pranks on people but this prank was best prank I ever played on any one.

When I was around 12 or 13 years old one night my friend and I were bored and decided to make prank phone call. My dad and mom were gone to market and my mom's phone was at home so my friend thought to dial my mom's number but instead of 67 in the end of my mom's number she dialed 69 instead. When an unknown guy answered,

My friend said,"Can I Speak to my mom?"

The guy replied, "Sorry wrong number"

So my friend replied by saying, "Oh God...... I am at the movie theater and this is my last rupee can you call my mom for me and tell her to pick me up from the movie theater"

and then my friend gave him the number of my mom which was really the number of her phone. The guy agreed and soon my mum's phone rang I answered and said hello then he explained the situation of my daughter dialing the wrong number and all that and said she was ready to be picked up from the movie. I

started to cry saying my daughter had gotten killed on the way home from the movie theater last month. He apologized and said he had nothing to do with this sick joke. and tried to comfort me (the mom) he soon said goodbye and a couple of hours later the guy (nathan) texted us saying "tricky" he had believed this prank because he was so freaked out that he said he couldn't even watch the movie with his friends!!

that was the best prank ever!!
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