Saturday, 8 June 2013

My best friends forever

I had two best friends as a child.
Our mothers were best friends, so we saw each other a good amount. We would do everything together - from playing in the park, to argue whether wishes come true, to watching movies.
We were in same school but studied in different standards, but our friendship never got effected due to our age. Even on each others birthday our parents used to buy us new dresses. Sometimes when we fought due to our dolls the other second we used to behave like; that fight never occurred. We would also have drawing “contests.” We’d each make up a scenario that we all individually had to draw. One of my friends came up with “road into the sunset with mountains.” won that round.. Not that, what matters. Anyway, this picture reminds me of the good times my friends and I had together as children; thankfully, we still keep in touch once in a while.
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